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OCS: Yakuza
Card game, deck-builder 

Build a crime syndicate, recruit your gang, buy legal and illegal businesses, and defeat your opponents in this deck builder or 2-4 players.

Mobirise Website Builder
Card game, vying game

Join your fellow prospectors to strike it rich in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush in this card game designed for 2-4 players.

Mobirise Website Builder
Card game, matching game

Can you be the first to gather all the necessary resources to survive being marooned on a desert island. Card game for 2-4 players.

Mobirise Website Builder
Servants of Morgu'th
Board game, path builder

Escape from the crypt before the idol of Morgu'th is complete and the curses are unleashed in this path-builder for 2-4 players.

Yakuza Game Card

Organised Crime Syndicate: YAKUZA

Build a Japanese crime family from the ground up. Recruit an army of loyal soldiers and lieutenants, acquire legitimate properties to hide illegal businesses, sabotage or take over your opponents’ businesses, and become Oyabun through All-Out-War.
This deck-builder for 2-4 players is currently in play testing, with a Kickstarter expected to launch soon.
The art for the game was generated entirely by AI using Stable Diffusion (with gentle coaching and training by us), and features unique and dramatic gameplay mechanisms, sure to entertain players at all levels.
Check back, as we are getting ready to launch our Kickstarter Campaign soon.

Mobirise Website Builder

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In 1896, gold was discovered in the Klondike river valley up in the Yukon, setting off a stampede of prospectors looking to make their fortunes. Join them to strike it rich in the Klondike. Two-to-four players play against each other to get the best hand by swapping, trading, or bartering cards in this fast-paced game.
Limited prototype runs of the game are available. Reach out to us on our social media channels to get a copy!


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